Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Good morning and happy earth day!

Are you doing anything special to celebrate for earth day? I know I want to do something, just haven't figured out what yet. I should have rode my bike to work! duh. Last year, my work had a fun BBQ for earth day, but nothing is going on this year. This have just been too busy at work to even think of having a "fun" event.

Disney's Ocean movie is out which looks really AWESOME - I could celebrate earth day by seeing that tonight! If you go see it during this first week that its out, Disney will donate money to save the coral reefs. Since I HATE movie theatres, this kind of extra will make me more inclined to go see it.

Yesterday, I swam immediately after work so I could still make it to my triathlon group bike ride later in the evening. I just did a variation of what I have been doing in the pool:

10x60 20 seconds rest inbetween sets
200 kick
2x100 swim 20 seconds rest
200 pull
100 swim
1300 total

Then I met up with my tri group and we did a short 10 mile ride around town. We all varied in our speeds, so we were spread across the route pretty good. There were a couple more stops than I would have liked, but oh well. It was a nice evening, the rain had let up and I broke a sweat, that's all I need!

Just TWO more days to get through and then I have a 3 day weekend! Are you jealous? : )

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  1. ohh I am sooo jealous of your 3-day weekend!! Enjoy it chica! LOVE the swim!
    I hope you have a fabulous friday!