Thursday, February 3, 2011

Running on your lunch break

Those drills I was talking about yesterday, well they made me super sore today. Especially my inner thighs. Ouchie. But it's progress! One day of soreness in the right direction.

Today I did something that I've been wanting to do for awhile. I ran on my lunch break. I have an hour to change, run, shower and make myself presentable, so I went into it with this plan:
- 5 minutes to change
- 30 minutes to run
- 25 minutes to shower and get ready

I ended up needing more than 5 minutes to change before the run, so I had less time after, but I was only gone from my desk for 1:05. Plus, you couldn't even tell I had just gotten my sweat on, bonus!

Although it was exciting that I ran on my lunch break, the run itself was blah. My legs were sore from those drills and I think my body was a bit surprised to be running in the middle of the day. I usually only run before 7am or after 5pm, never ever at noon. 

I don't know how often lunch runs will happen because I usually need to get in more than just 30 minutes AND the majority of my lunch breaks are usually spent at my desk working. I guess you wouldn't call that a break, would you? But now I know, it can be done.

I drove up to Bellingham tonight to relieve my sister and her family of me for a night. :) I hopped on the trainer for 50 minutes while watching the 2nd disk of season 8 of 24. I think I've expressed my love toward Jack Bauer on this blog once or twice. :)

Hipstamatic pic of my Masi



  1. One of the best things about working from home: I can go days without putting on real clothes, I make my own schedule and can take a run break whenever I want, I don't even have to shower before coming back to work :-)

    I commend you for having a regular job and still gettin' 'er done! Sounds like training is going well!

  2. I haven't yet made that leap. I worry that rushing so much for a short run would defeat the point. (I, for one, count on runs for stress relief!) But I can also see how it might leave you feeling recharged. Maybe if you keep doing lunch runs you'll get more efficient? Let us know!

  3. Oof! I start drills next week and anticipate the soreness. Running during lunch is hard - I always feel too rushed so I try to just get in early, skip lunch break, then tag on a run at the end of the day and go home sweaty.

  4. OI I love my lunch workouts. Lucily, if they run long it is no big deal for me. I just work a little bit longer at the day.

    Have a great week!

  5. i love those drills! good to hear they made you sore ;)

  6. That's great! I imagine you were so much more productive in the afternoon.

  7. You have to take advantage of lunch runs when you can. If you're like me they don't happen that often.

  8. Nice pic! Loving the photo effects - very artsy. We need to talk and catch up soon - it's been a while. Now, back to baking cookies for James... :-)

  9. impressive use of your lunch break! I usually try and take walks to get in some exercise but still look presentable :)

  10. I have started trying to run on my lunch break from time to time (maybe once a week or so) and it is a bit of a challenge. However, I feel so much better after I go and love getting a break from my desk. This only really works on days that are more quiet, like a Friday. Do you run on the B-G trail? That is where I run. :)

  11. YAY for lunch break runs, and trainer rides! I have to be watching something or bumpin' some major beats in order to stay on my trainer for longer than 30-min!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!