Thursday, September 29, 2011

Black Diamond Olympic Triathlon - Race Report

I'm an Olympian! Ha, I wish, but I did complete my first Olympic triathlon on Sunday - The Black Diamond Olympic Triathlon. All my hard work this year paid off in my "A" race of the year!

The quick and dirty: Swim was great, bike was okay and the run was hard

You want a little more detail? If you insist...

I woke up to pouring rain and wind race morning and just about died. Just my luck that I get this weather on race day after a streak of perfect weather the past month. But by the time I got to the race site - Nolte State Park in Cumberland, WA - the rain had subsided and the wind was much calmer.

Transition Area
I got to the park early, so I had plenty of time to set up transition, dilly daddle, get my car to the off-site parking, take the shuttle back to the park and get in a warm up swim. I had purchased a new pair of goggles for the race - Speedo Vanquisher - and had to test them out prior, so I'm happy I had time to swim around and make necessary adjustments. For the record, those goggle rocked, clear as day, great suction, I didn't really want to take them off for the bike...

Typical transition photo
Deep Lake - nice and calm
Before the race.

SWIM - 1.5km - 29:39 - 1:51/100yards
The swim was the best leg of the race. It was 2 half mile laps in a really small lake. All men started together and all women started together. I was able to find my water and swim pretty quickly and I just concentrated on swimming straight and picking off the buoys as I went. I went out pretty conservative on the first lap, so I picked it up the second lap. I've never felt that good on a mile swim EVER. Goal was to get out of the water under 30 minutes and my watch said 29:40 when I stepped out of the lake. Score!

After I saw 29:39 on my watch I smiled and said "SWEET!"

Swim exit
T1 - 3:40
I suck at transition. Really should practice these more. I run to my bike and stare at it for a minute before I gather my thoughts on what to do next. I need a game plan cause this is too long!

BIKE - 24 miles - 1:28:44 - 16.82 mph average
The bike course was great, but harder than expected. I'd like to ride it again because it was a good challenge, but I'm not thrilled with my time. I tried to keep my cadence up and push myself, but I didn't want to push too hard cause I knew a 6 mile run would suck after dead legs. This is where I got passed by at least 3 girls in my AG, which sucked because I really wanted to try and keep up, I just couldn't. Really frusterating, but at the same time, really motivating to work at getting stronger on the bike. I took 4 shot blocks over the course of the bike and drank a whole bottle of water, which worked for me during the race.

T2 - 1:48
So much better at T2 than T1

RUN - 6 miles - 58.07 - 9:41/mile
The run course was described as "flat and fast" was surprisingly hilly and for me, slow. There were 3 hills that I had to run/walk up. Trust me, I don't walk unless I really need to and if this course was really what it was advertised as, I wouldn't of had to walk. Whatever, can't do anything about it except keep moving forward, so that's what I did. I would have liked to been more around 9:20-9:30 pace, but again, something to work toward.

7/10 in 25-29 age group
The 6th place girl finished 13 minutes ahead of me, so there was no way I could have beat her.

Yay! Gosh, that Orca tri suit makes me look like an orca...

I'm stoked on my first Olympic tri and although I really wanted to come in under 3 hours, it is what it is and a great learning point to set goals for next year. Thanks for all the "good lucks" and "have funs" from everyone, I thought of you guys when I was racing, I really did! And thanks to Stephanie at SAS Performance Training for kicking my butt into shape.


  1. Absolute and total congrats on your rockin' swim time. I think you are Ariel! Do you sing too? :)

    Great race, I forsee great things for you next season!

  2. WOW MEGAN! You are such a fast swimmer. 1500m in <30 min?!?! Ok, in the pool I can swim 1000m in 30 min so that would hour swim for me in a lake. Ouch.
    Nice job on the bike - great pace! And the run is great too after racing for 2 hrs! Pretty amazing performance, hard to believe it was your first Oly distance!

  3. Congrats on finishing your first Olympic Tri!!!

  4. Great job!!!! I am in awe of triathletes. You should be so proud of yourself! Can't wait until you have internet in your new place and you can rejoin the world of the wide web!

  5. Awesome! Your first Oly is huge! Jesse is hoping to do his first next year!

  6. I'm sure you trained mentally and physically as well, thank you very much for sharing your experience.