Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Running Group Love Fest - Contest!

On Mondays I try really hard to get all my work done so I can meet up with Oiselle and Super Jock 'n Jill for their super radical Monday Night Run. It consists of a medium sized group of runners and usually a 4 mile loop around Green Lake in Seattle. Being that it's a Monday, people use it as an easy run after a hard weekend of workouts. I love meeting up with the group - we talk about any and everything from shoes and training to boys and hating cupcakes. When I don't make it to The Monday Night Run (TMNR) I feel like I've let my friends down and I'm eager to get back the next week. Plus, sometimes we go out for drinks after, play Nuun pong or get to try out free stuff from Gu reps. Bonus!

Do you run with a running group on a regular basis? Why? What brings you back each week? Well, Oiselle wants to honor the running groups that keep us going. Those groups that push us to be better, stronger, and faster runners. All you have to do is submit a few details about your favorite group and your group will be entered into a drawing for Oiselle's Start Line Tee. Everyone in the group will get one so you can match on all your runs!

To enter your running group, send the following information to or post to Oiselle's Facebook page by Monday October 17th:
  • Running group (name or description) 
  • Where are you? 
  • Tell us about it! (Do you meet for speed, long run, are you all training for the same race, etc) 
  • What's your favorite post run activity?
  • Anything else you want to share.

Check out the post on Oiselle's blog post for more info. And as my favorite comedian Brian Regan would say, Take Luck! And May the coolest team win! :)

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