Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MFG Kick Off Cross

First CX race of the year was Sunday! It was MFG cylocross Kick Off Cross at Big Finn Hill Park. I did this race last year as my very first cyclocross race, so that calmed my nerves a bit, but I was still pretty anxious/nervous for this race.

MFG changed their race times so all women except single speed and beginner women raced together at 12:40. I was a bit skeptical about racing with all women, but it ended up being pretty fun. Girl bike gang!

rolling up to the start

Within about a minute of hearing "go!" I was reminded how hard cross is. I'm not talking about the course being technical, because this one wasn't, I'm talking about it being so freaking phycially demanding. I feel somewhat in shape from swim/bike/running, but this is a whole new game. My heart rate was crazy high and I was sucking wind THE ENTIRE TIME. I'd try to coast on a couple downhills to recover a bit, but I didn't want to risk getting passed more than I already had been.

With all women racing at the same time, I had no idea who was in my category, so I just tried to pick off girl by girl in hopes I was making some gain. Well, all that gain went down the toilet when I ate it on an off-camber corner and all those girls got past me. I was happy that they took out this wooded section where I felt like I was going to eat shit every time I went through it last year.

Like I said, this course was not techical, there was one set of barriers, a few off-camber turns, and some deep-ish mud. No run-ups, no single track or other stuff I think is scary. I was not happy with my performance over the barriers. The approach to the barriers was slow and the dismount was over ground that was root-filled, so my confidence was lacking as I dismounted.

Overall, I had a blast! I was 16th out of 38 in Cat 4 Women. Lots more to learn, but having fun while doing it!


  1. Awesome job Megan! I completely agree with you about the barriers, they where in a really awkward spot. The approach was weird, bumpy, and slow, and the remount was weird and slow as well, so don't stress the weirdly placed barriers! The more races you do and the more you practice, the better you get, so race more!!

    See you in Vegas!

  2. I have no idea what cyclocross is.. obviously something on bikes LOL , it sounds tough and like you worked your tush off out there! Nice job and I am doing a google search to educate myself right now.