Thursday, September 26, 2013

On the road again

I'm sitting in the SeaTac airport for the 2nd time in a week. I'm flying East yet again for an 11 day work trip. I usually really enjoying traveling for my job - it gets me to places I've never been and probably wouldn't visit otherwise, but this time I'm not super stoked. Coming off my last trip, I was feeling pretty blah. Yes, going to Interbike was rad, but Vegas took it out of me, as it always does. Going on another trip has me scared that I'll fall into the easy unhealthy traveling trap.

I came home from New Jersey/Vegas feeling like a fat blob because I didn't workout for 5 days and struggled to get back into my normal sweat routine. Just as I was getting motivation back to go run or hop on my bike, I came down with a cold. Instead of letting it throw me on the couch, I fought back, ran through it and in a matter of days it was gone. But now I'm about to board a plane on another work trip and I could easily fall into the lazy/travel state-of-mind, but this time I'm choosing to make it a healthy one.

First stop is Providence, Rhode Island. Another place I probably would have never gone if it wasn't for my job. I've never been to the North East and I'm sure this time of year is lovely to visit. 2nd stop is DC where I'll be for the majority of the 11 days. I get to stay with my sister who recently moved to DC and plan on doing the touristy stuff that I haven't done since elementary school. Fingers crossed the government will get it's act together and not shut down or my monument visits may be denied.

Anyway, the goal for this trip is to come back to Seattle motivated to get after it. For the past month, I've felt lost in my training since I'm not really training for anything, but want to keep that motivation to train as if I am training for a race. Make sense? I plan to be active in some way every day I travel and am going to try really hard to not give into my want of candy whenever I step foot into an airport.

See ya on the East Coast...



  1. Have a fun and safe trip. I love DC and all of the fun tourist things to do. I am sure that Providence will be a neat town to visit.

  2. Have a great trip! It is hard to keep motivated when you travel, especially since you are always on your feet the whole day! Hopefully this one works out. The best part for me is when I get to explore new places on foot, so hopefully you will get to do a little of that!