Friday, November 1, 2013

Every Mother Counts Charity Miles Challenge

I'm not a big fan of online challenges, but when Kristin (Oiselle Team Manager) emailed the team about a challenge involving Every Mother Counts, I knew it was time to hop on board.

I'm sure all of you who read this blog know of Oiselle and Every Mother Counts (EMC), but if you don't they are a non-profit that is on a mission to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world. Too many women die each day from complications from being preggers and giving birth that ARE PREVENTABLE if the proper resources were available.

On Sunday, a large group will be running the NYC marathon in support of EMC and the Oiselle team was asked to join in on the support. Don't worry, I'm not running another marathon, but I will be logging miles. It's simple, during the month of November, run at least 1 mile 26 days out of the month and log your miles using the Charity Miles app. For every mile you run for EMC, Charity Miles will donate $.25. You can also bike and earn $.10 per mile. Pretty dang easy. The only catch is you have to run/bike with your phone because the app tracks your mileage. I don't normally run with my phone, but if running with my phone can help others in need, than I'll suck it up.

Join in on the challenge by downloading the Charity Miles app, selecting Every Mother Counts as your charity, and get moving.


  1. This is too cool. I'll look into this. Thanks Megan. Have fun in NYC.

  2. This is a great cause, thanks for the info and nice blog.