Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why today will be a good day

In an effort to be more positive, here's why today is going to be a good one:
  • I rode my bike to work and although it was in the 30's, it was sunny
  • I rode my Masi with newly installed fenders. She was my first road bike and made me fall in love with the pastime
  • My Americano is delicious 
  • Mt Baker opened today (not going, but am day dreaming)
  • One week until the ultimate feast
  • I get to sweat my face off at computrainer class tonight with my bike friends
Make it a good one, friends.

Me and Kirsten atop Mt. Herman. Can't wait to ride with her this winter!


  1. Daydreaming of skiing is getting me thru work as well! Opening day here is Wednesday but hiking in this weekend is a must! Have a great one!

  2. Love the positive attitude. :) Sounds like a great start to the day.

  3. So exciting that ski areas are opening. YAY!

  4. Beautiful picture you are making me homesick with that perfect snow!!