Monday, February 3, 2014

Island bicycle adventure

I went on a bicycle adventure this weekend. An island bicycle adventure.

Living in the great state of Washington, we have the Puget Sound that is home to many islands. Some small, some large. From Seattle, a few of these islands are seen from the waterfront and a short ferry ride will get you on an island adventure in no time.

Bainbridge Island is know for it's hills as it hosts the annual Chilly Hilly bike ride, which is a 35ish mile loop around the island with over 3k of climbing. So in search of some slower, hillier miles, my friends and I set off for a day of island riding.

We rode our bikes onto the 8:45am ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge - something I've never done in the years of bike riding. It's awesome, you get to board first, disembark first, but the price is a little steep at around $9.00 round trip. After a 35 minute crossing, we were riding off the boat, already so stoked on what we deemed #islandvibes.

There were four of us riding, two ladies, two dudes, so us girls set the pace of the ride, which we decided needed to be chill due to the mileage and elevation the route would encounter. There were plenty of stops to check the map, cue sheet, coffee and photo opps. Thanks to our skilled navigator, we never took a wrong turn. Win!

Our first loop of the island took us on the Chilly Hilly route, with one add-on to get a few extra miles. This add-on took us down onto the water with classic PNW views of dark green trees, calm water, rocky beaches and low fog. I wish I had a photo of this to share. The waterways and islands of the PNW are like no other I've seen - something straight out of a movie.

We finished the first loop, dropped one of our friends off at the ferry and started our 2nd loop. Once we reached the North end of the island, we crossed Agate Pass to the Kitsap Penninsula. From there, we continued north to the Kingston-Edmonds ferry. We we all happy warm up on the ferry, eat snacks and talk about our day. From Edmonds, we rode south to Ballard and finished our ride.

I got home 8 hours after leaving that morning and got in 78 miles with 4,600 feet of climbing. We rode for 5:18. You can see my Strava route here.

Island riding will get you more stoked about bike riding, I guarantee it. Plus, you'll probably ride roads you never have, see scenery that could be stared at for hours and you'll definitely share some serious #islandvibes with the friends you choose to ride with.

So, when are we going back?


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS. This really, really makes me miss true riding like I used to be able to do in Greenville. Sounds like an awesome day!

  2. I am motivated to get back on my bike. Too much running in my life.